Rainer Bartsch is Unimat

I have been working in metallurgy for over 40 years. After starting in the recycling industry in the sector of the remelting of zinc and lead, I trained intensively in non-ferrous metals. I was then responsible for lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, and tin, among others, on the London Metal Exchange. In addition, I dealt with the Minor Metals such as mercury, cadmium, antimony, nickel and bismuth. Following this, I was involved in the sectors of ferro-alloys (including chromium metal) and special alloys for about eleven years.

I founded the companies Unimat GmbH, DaBa, and Rainer Bartsch Handelsvertretung e.K at the beginning of 1994. The range of products primarily comprised chromium metal, alloys with low melting points, atomized metal powders, and medical products for radio-oncology.

As of 2013, I am now completely focusing my activities on Unimat. I am happy to place the knowledge, experience, and competence that I have acquired over more than 40 years at my customers’ disposal in order to offer them tailor-made product packages. Contact me!