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Metal powder for semi-finished products in vacuum switching valves

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Take a close look at our ability to supply metal powders for application in medium-voltage vacuum switching valves.
We have supplied the relevant industry for over 30 years.
The corresponding metal powders are characterized by a high degree of reliability through the specifications analysis and particle size distribution defined by the customer.
(Unique advantage: We send you samples for testing from a production batch. We only deliver the production quantity once this has met with your approval.)

Metal and multiple alloys

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The new generation of targets produced by a powder metallurgy process (PVD – Physical Vapor Deposition) as a coating material, e.g. for turbine blades, are produced by hot or cold isostatic pressing and cut to size to customer requirements using a Unimat procedure (e.g. by laser cutting or spark erosion).

The production of the metal powders is done in production facilities that are certified to ISO standards.

The metal powders are mechanically comminuted, homogenized and sieved.
The over-sized and under-sized particles are sieved at the request of our customers.
A special particle size distribution to meet customer wishes can be guaranteed.
The finest metal powder is < 45 µm. Depending on the application, the metal powder is also water-, air- or gas-atomized through a nozzle. The customer is given an analysis certificate with each shipment. With test quantities an analysis certificate is also sent to the customer before shipment so that he can check if he wishes to also use the powder that has been produced. You are warmly invited to test our competitiveness and ability to innovate. Ask us about the above topics!

A warm welcome!

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These are the main topics for 2014

1. Production of metal powders for foil coating

2. Improved properties of metal powders for welding electrodes

3. Application in fuel cells (up to readiness for production)

4. The production of novel targets for the coating of turbine blades (test stage)

5. Development of metal powders (sample deliveries to follow) for application in lasers, high-performance lasers and heat sinks for high-performance lasers

6. Applications for solar modules (up to readiness for production)

7. Development of metal powders to improve resistance to wear